Our Founder’s Story

About Vijay Atawane

Arista Excellence Founder and President Vijay Atawane is an entrepreneur and designer with over 25 years of product development and commercial leadership experience.

He created Arista Excellence out of necessity.

In 2014, Vijay began experiencing severe discomfort and nagging pain in his lower back. The doctors diagnosed it as spondylolisthesis -- essentially a forward slip of one vertebra relative to another.

The doctor recommended physiotherapy for short term relief and surgery for permanent relief, but Vijay desperately sought a non-invasive, alternate solution.

Despite trying different seat cushions to gain relief from his lower back pain, none of them were effective. So, he decided to do something about it himself.

Three years of development, two design patents, and countless iterations later, the AristaComfort cushions were finally up to Vijay’s engineering standards. And, most importantly, they worked.

Putting his newfound product to the test, Vijay embarked on two long-distance drives: a 278-mile, 5-hour drive from Woburn, Massachusetts to Bar Harbor, Maine in June 2016, and later in the same month, a 400-mile, 8-hour drive from Woburn to York, PA.

Vijay could make both trips without the pain that had plagued him for the past several years. He finally regained his freedom to drive long hours in comfort. Now, he is on a mission to make that a reality for others just like him, all over the world.